Trump Speech Excerpt – Media Terror Response Division of ICE

POTUS at lectern in front of Vietnam War Memorial flanked by military brass:

“The suspect had passed from Somalia, into Mexico, after being radicalized in Syria, he was ISIS, was definitely ISIS, we got that confirmed. We got that confirmed from his computer, from other intelligence sources that I can not tell you here, that’s classified, from what I understand, but I’m going to do my best to tell you what I did.

He was being interrogated, I had the video up live from a classified black site in my Situation Room, I’ll be talking about that great, great, great Situation Room a little later. We knew, we knew we had the intelligence that this guy knew where the bombs were. He had joked about it to an informant working for the good people at Border Patrol, fantastic bunch of people. They got him, they got him, got him, questioned him, and he just wasn’t giving up the information we needed.

Secretary Mattis had tried all the softball tactics, and it really is just like you see in the movies, the good cop bad cop, threats to his family, some psychological stuff, but nothing was working. And I could tell, in my heart, in business you develop a sense of these things, that this guy was guilty, that that he knew more, and he did know more. So, I ordered General Mattis, who was with me watching in our Situation Room, which was a technological disaster when I took it office, Obama left it a mess, like so many other things, like our borders. I have, have had, casinos with better security systems than what was in there. Now, my Situation Room in the White House is now the most advanced communications and surveillance center in the world. (Pause for staff applause) I got to thank the work of Giuliani Partners for that, is he here?  Where is he? America’s mayor! Stand up, Rudy! Great job! His company just stopped a nuclear attack, everybody! Great job, Rudy Giuliani, a great, great, great, great mayor, and a great friend, great security consultant, Giuliani Partners, fantastic, beautiful, thank you. Fantastic job. (Pause for staff applause)

So, this guy, this Abdul whatever, he’s not talking and I tell Mad Dog, I lean over and I tell him, ‘You’ve got to step this up.’ So they brought in the dogs, the bag over the head with the dogs, scary stuff, the crazy lights and all the sounds. I got to tell you, I can’t get over how much it really is like a movie, I got to tell you this, it really is like a movie or a TV show, like 24 or something like that. So, the interrogators, they do all that to him, but the guy, he’s tough. They make them tough over there, not as tough as here, but they are pretty tough, and I’ve seen some of those conditions over there in the desert, not in Somalia, but in the UAE, in Saudi Arabia, very desperate, very hot conditions, very tough. So, this guy, this radical Islamic terrorist, he’s tough, I’ll give him that. He’s not going to tell and I look over at General Mattis, he looks at me, and I take a sip of water, very slow, very deliberate drink of water, keeping my eye on him the whole time. I put the glass down, again, keeping my eye on him, then I nod, like this. (Nod TO CAMERA: Tweet). He understood what I meant. (Pause for staff to laugh.) The General ordered the waterboarding and we got the information we needed to stop the carnage, this attack on the American people. (General applause) So great job, General Mattis, working with our border agents and local police. Thank you, Rudy…”

Carefully, Donald Trump has abdicated responsibility from any terror attacks that occur under his watch. If one occurs, he can reprimand his Defense Secretary and force a policy change regarding the use of what Trump prefers to call “torture.” At the Pentagon today during the ceremony welcoming General Mad Dog Mattis as Secretary of Defense, Trump begrudgingly used the term “enhanced interrogation” as an afterthought, as if he just learned it since becoming president, which is likely since he does not follow politics, but is obsessed with political popularity.

Trump’s only experience imagining the presidency has come from scripted television. Today’s speech set up a story line “right out of central casting,“ and Hollywood’s ever-churning mill of political thrillers. Imagine news breaking of a looming terror attack — a suitcase bioweapon or nuke ticks away, the only way to stop it is to torture someone in custody. Trump will overrule Defense Secretary Mattis’ mandate against torture. Information will be extracted through waterboarding and the bomb will be defused in the nick of time. Preferably, the suspect will have slipped over the Mexican border a few months before the election, but anyone at Guantanamo or in an ICE facility will do. Later, whenever the Administration needs a feel good distraction worthy of the news cycle, the suspect’s friends can be found hiding in sanctuary cities.

Trump has surrounded himself with military men that he needs to one-up. They have the medals, but he needs them to know they are inferior to his money and power. It seems personal with him, perhaps young Donald Trump was humiliated and bullied back at West Point.

The cinematic scenario described here allows Trump to play the role of president the only way knows how, with manufactured drama and cheap aplomb. A military moment will prove his mettle producing a classic photo in the style of Obama/Clinton/Bin Laden. According to Trump’s people, the speech, rest assured, will get tremendous, tremendous, tremendous ratings, really tremendous, fantastic ratings, unbelievable ratings.


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